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Test 1

1. —How are you, Bob?  ---你好吗,鲍勃?
—____________ Ted.  ---我很好,特德。
A. How are you?      B. I’m fine. Thank you.
C. How do you do?      D. Nice to meet you.
2.  —Thanks for your help. ---谢谢你的帮忙。
—____________      ---我很荣幸。
A. My pleasure.      B. Never mind.
C. Quite right.       D. Don’t thank me.
3.  —Hello, I’m Harry Potter.                       ---你好,我是哈里﹒波特。
—Hello, my name is Charles Green, but ____________.---你好,我是查理﹒格林,你可以叫我查理。
A. call my Charles      B. call me at Charles
C. call me Charles      D. call Charles me
4.  —Paul, ____________?                       ---鲍,那边在说话的人是谁?
—Oh, that’s my father! And beside him, my mother. ---哦,那是我的爸爸,在他旁边的是我妈妈。
A. what is the person over there   B. who’s talking over there
C. what are they doing     D. which is that
5.  —Hi, Tom, how’s everything with you? ---你好,汤姆,近来都好吗?
  —____________, and how are you?   ---还不错,你呢?
A. Don’t mention it      B. Hm, not too bad
C. Thanks       D. Pretty fast
6-10 CBDDD    11-15 DBDAC
Passage 1
The French Revolution broke out in 1789. At the time France was in a crisis. The government was badly run and people’s lives were miserable. King Louis XIV tried to control the national parliament and raise more taxes. But his effort failed. He ordered his troops to Versailles. The people thought that Louis intended to put down the Revolution by force. On July 14,1789, they stormed and took the Bastille, where political prisoners were kept. Ever since that day, July 14 has been the French National Day. Louis tried to flee the country in 1792 to get support from Austria and Prussia. However, he was caught and put in prison. In September 1792, the monarchy was abolished. In the same year, Louis was executed. A few months later his wife, Marie also had her head cut off. The Revolution of France had frightened the other kings of Europe. Armies from Austria and Prussia began to march against France. The French raised republican armies to defend the nation. The Revolution went through a period of terror. Thousands of people lost their lives. In the end, power passed to Napoleon Bonaparte. (190 words)

6. What’s this passage about? 这篇文章主要讲了什么?
A. France.   B. King Louis.   C. The French Revolution. 法国大革命 D. Europe.
7. Which did not happen in 1789? 以下哪件事不是发生在1789年?
A. The French Revolution broke out.   
B. The national economy was developing rapidly. 国家经济快速发展。
C. The government wasn’t well run.
D. King Louis XIV was in power.
8. Where were the political prisoners kept? 那些政治犯被关押在哪里?
A. In Versailles.  B. In Austria.   C. In Prussia.    D. In Bastille. 巴士底狱
9. What does the underlined word “abolished” mean? 划了下划线的“abolished ”这个词是什么意思?
A. Put off.   B. Established.  C. United.    D. Ended. 废除。
10. What was NOT the effect of the Revolution? 以下哪个不是法国大革命产生的效果?
A. July 14 has become the French National Day.
B. It brought some impact on the other European Kings.
C. Louis’s wife, Marie was killed.
D. The king tried to control the national parliament.  国王试图控制议会。
Passage 2
A foreigner’s first impression of the U.S. is likely to be that everyone is in a rush-often under pressure. City people appear always to be hurrying to get where they are going restlessly, seeking attention in a store, and elbowing others as they try to complete their errands (任务). Racing through daytime meals is part of the pace of life in this country.
Working time is considered precious. Others in public eating places are waiting for you to finish so that they too can be served and get back to work within the time allowed. Each person hurries to make room for the next person. If you don’t, waiters will hurry you.
You also find drivers will be abrupt and that people will push past you. You will miss smiles, brief conversations, and small courtesies with strangers. Don’t take it personally. This is because people value time highly, and they resent someone else “wasting” it beyond a certain courtesy point.
      The view of time affects the importance we attach to patience. In the American system of values, patience is not a high priority. Many of us have what might be called “a short fuse.” We begin to move restlessly about if we feel time is slipping away without some returnbe this in terms of pleasure, work value, or rest. Those coming from lands where time is looked upon differently may find this matter of pace to be one of their most difficult adjustments in both business and daily life.
Many newcomers to the States will miss the opening courtesy of a business call, for example, they will miss the ritual socializing that goes with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee they may be traditional in their own country. They may miss leisurely business chats in a café or coffeehouse. Normally, Americans do not assess their visitors in such relaxed surroundings over prolonged small talks. We seek out evidence of past performance rather than evaluate a business colleague through social courtesies. Since we generally assess and probe professionally rather than socially, we start talking business very quickly. (348 words)
11.  Which of the following statements is wrong? __________ 以下哪项陈述是错误的?
A. Americans seem to be always under pressure.
B. Americans attach less importance to patience.
C. Americans don’t care much about ritual socializing.
D. Americans are impolite to their business colleagues. 美国人对他们的同事不礼貌。
12.  In the fourth paragraph, “a high priority” means __________.第四段中的“a high priority”是什么意思?
A. a less important thing      B. a first concern 要首要考虑的。
C. a good business       D. an attractive gift
13.  Americans evaluate a business colleague __________.美国人评价他们的同事是根据__________。
A. through social courtesy    B. through prolonged business talks
C. by establishing business relations  D. by learning about their past performance他们过去的表现。
14.  This passage mainly talks about __________.  本文主要讲了___________。
A. how Americans treasure their time 美国人是怎样珍惜时间的。   
B. how busy Americans are every day
C. how Americans do business with foreigners 
D. what American way of life is like
15.  We can infer from the passage that the author’s tone in writing is ___________.
A. critical    B. ironical   C. appreciative欣赏的。  D. objective

16-20 BAABC    
16.  Professor Smith promised to look ______ my paper, that is, to read it carefully before the defense.
A. after    B. over    C. on    D. into
17.  Our house is about a mile from the railway station and there are not many houses ______.
A. in between   B. far apart    C. among them  D. from each other
18. As the bus came round the corner, it ran ______ a big tree by the roadside.
A. into    B. on    C. over    D. up
19.  When Lily came home at 5 p.m. yesterday, her mother ______ dinner in the kitchen.
A. cooked   B. was cooking   C. cooks    D. has cooked
20.  Did you notice the guy ______ head looked like a big potato?
A. who    B. which    C. whose    D. whom

以下短文中共包含10个未完成的句子,针对每给句子中空缺部分有4个选项,请从A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出正确选项。
21-25 BBCCD    26-30 BABDA
There were once three sons of a wealthy businessman.   21   they met, the two eldest, who were twins,   22   to quarrel about which of them should be his father’s heir(继承人). The youngest, who was not   23   ambitious (野心勃勃的), took no part in their argument. As soon as they left home, the father arranged for an adequate income to be provided for   24   of them, but insisted that apart from this they were to be financially self-supporting. The   25   twin, who had the advantage of good looks and a striking personality, decided that he would take up the stage   26   a career. He   27   a small repertory company, acted in minor parts, was always unpunctual (不准时)at rehearsals and was accordingly   28   with his fellow-actors. He earned little and so had to live mainly on his allowance. He occasionally thought of   29   his profession, but always put off   30   a decision, and he became increasingly bored and disillusioned.
21.  A. whatever   B. whenever   C. wherever   D. however
22.  A. are used   B. used    C. using    D. are using
23.  A. at least   B. at most   C. in the least   D. in the most
24.  A. every    B. all    C. each    D. none
25.  A. first    B. older    C. younger   D. elder
26. A. is      B. as    C. be    D. /
27. A. joined    B. attended   C. went    D. joined in
28. A. popular   B. unpopular   C. welcome   D. unwelcome
29. A. living    B. turning   C. ending    D. changing
30. A. making   B. make    C. decide    D. deciding

31.  Tom’s father has taught English here since he graduated from Peking University.
32. Please give this book to whoever comes first.
33. Though it was late, they kept on working.
31. 汤姆的父亲从北京大学毕业后就一直在这里教英语。
32. 请把这本书给最先来的人。
33. 尽管已经很晚了,他们还在继续工作。

Just as lots of teenagers take to pop music, I love basketball. It’s part of my life. I began to play basketball in my childhood. I still remember the good old days when I played with my classmates after school. Later on, as I grew up, almost everything changed, but this sport-playing basketball remained and my love of it grew even stronger.
I love this sport because it brings joys and health to my life. When I got tired from office work, I went to the sports ground and felt refreshed. If there were worries and cares from daily life. I went to the sports ground. There everything went away except basketball. It is basketball that keeps me in good shape and mood.



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