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1.She has lived here for three years.
2.I have given up eating meat
3.He is the man whose dog bit me.
4.Those cakes look nice. Can I have one ?
5.She keeps talking when I am watching TV.
6.I prefer the TV to the radio.
7.I can do that job by myself.
8.Next year, I ----- plan to go to Italy.
9.The road was built last year.
10.She has brought up two children by herself
11.I broke my leg when I was sking in America.
12.My father would take me t work with him when was a child.
13.I’m tired. I have been working very hard .
14.I’m in Creece at the moment .I like the weather here
15.I am leaving for New York in three day’s time
16.The bedroom needs decorating
17.We have our office cleaned every day by a cleaned
18.That place is in the south of the city
19.It’s very convenient living here
20.She likes to spend time playing with her hrandchildren
21. The majority of people ahree with him
22.He has written four successful books
23.I have lived here since 1997.
24.The blue whale is the largest aninmal in the world
25.Could you please pay me in advance?
26. Exercise every day for 20 minutes
27.If he was fitter,he would live longer
28.I have spent a lot of time ----- _ working on this problem
29.My car was being repaired when it was stolen
1.When I was a child ,we had to wear a uninform for school
2.If het the new job , I will buy a better car
3.I stopped smoking last year
4.I prefer tea to coffee
5.By the end of this year , I will have saved enough money for a holiday
6.She comes from the People’s Republic of China
7.A new hotel is being built in the centre of town at thw moment
8.I have already finished the report
9.Given the high price , ------ it’s mo surprising they didn’t buy it
10.The problem is caused by pollution
11.You orght to exercise more
12.She was convicted of murder
13.If you by car ,you’ll get there within 40minutes
14.I asked her to marry me and she agreed
15.You like playing football, don’t you ?
1.May I help you ,madam?
Yes ,I'd like 2 kilos of orange.
2.May I know your address?Sure.Here you are.
3.Well Mary ,how are you?(I'm fine)
4.I don′t like the spots progrms on Sundays.
(Neither do I)
5.Will you go on a picuic with us tomorrow?
(Sorry I have an appointment with Dr Brown)
6.It happened (on)a winter night.
7.I know it isn′t important but I can′t
Help (thinking)about it.
8.That′s all settled it(needn′t be) talked about
9.her parents died when she was very young so she was (brought up)by her aunt.
10.(what)he said is quite right.
11.Don′t worry there is (enough)room for all your books here.
12.what′s happened to tom?(he′s been taken)to hospital.
13.I don′t suppose he will attend the meeting (will he )
14.(what)fine weather it is!
15.Not only I but also Jane and Mary (are )tired of having one examination after another.
16.Nice weather isn′t it?(Yes ,it is )
17.What about going for a walk ?(Why not? A good idea )
18.Would you mind if I open the window for a better view?(of course not )
19.Excuse me how can I get to the nearest supermarket?(Sorry sir I′m a stranger here myself)
20.what ′s the problem harry?(I can′t remember where I left my glasses)
21.Which do you like better real movies (or ,to )cartoons?
22.What a fool I have been Why (didn′t )I think of that before?
23.Time is money we should (make good use of )our time
24.You must explain (to us ,)how they succeeded(in )the experiment
25.of all the stories here I like this one (worst)It is not interesting at all
26.we must make a differrnce between (spoken)languge and (written)language.
27.I think all these are main points (being worthy of)much attention
28.They (watched)the train until it disappeared in the distance
29.Can I get you a couple of tea (that is very nice of you )
30.Mary forgot (to write )a letter to her mother so she wrote to her just now.
31.Hello may I take to the headmaster now?(sorry he is busy at the moent )
32.Would you like to have dinner with us this evening ?(Sorry but this evening I have to go to the airport to meet my parents )
33.Oh,sorry to bother you (That is okay
34.Can you turn down the radio please ?(I ′m sorry ,I didn′t realize it was that loud)
35.Would you like to see the menu ?(No,thanks ,I already know what to order )
36.I prefer classic music (to )pop music .
37.All the team members tried their best .we lost the game .(however)
38.Silk (has been used )by Chinese for thousands of years now .
39.You (ought )to lock the door at night
40.Before I got to the cinema the film (had begun)
41.The patient acted on the doctor ′s(advice )and finally recovered
42.A lecture hall is (one )where students attend levtures
43.I′m tired I (have been ) working very hard .
44.Let me (look into )the case carefully before I draw a conclusion.
45.When we were having a meeting the director (was told )the bad news by telephone.
1.Well Mary , how are you? I’m fine
2.Let’s take a walk. Yes, let’s
3.I think the Internet is bery helpful. Yes, so do I
4.Hello, could I speak to Don please? Who’s speaking
5.What kind of TV program do you like best? It’s hard to say, actually
6.He is very keen on football.
7.Let’s go to the cinerma, shall we?
8.He asded me where I came from.
9.The teacher told me off for being late for class.
10.He was over the moon about his new job.
11.Are you still here? You were here half an hour ago. Who were you waiting
12.What I enjoy most is what I can have a holiday from work .
13.You ought to exercise more.
14.They have been driving for hours.
15.Spending all your money in the first weed is not a sensible.
1.Hello ,Sally. How’s every thing? Just so_so
2.Excuse me, would you lend me your calculator? Certainly. Here you are
3.What kind of TVprogram do you like best? It’s hard to say, actually
4.Could you tell me where Mr.Lake is? At the office
5.What would you like , tea or coffee? Coffee, please
6.The mext train to Beijing is due here at 3’oclock
7.He goes to school by bike, and the journey takes half an hour.
8.That is the dog whose mame is Henry
9.He has been working in the laboratory the whole morning
10.Those play had already started when we got to the theatre
11.Those cakes look nice. Can I have one
12.We need to repair the machine
13.When was the building completed
14.She was bery comcerned about her mother’s illness
15.Who is responsible for breaking the window?
16.What subjects are ou studying ? I’m studying philosophy
17.Which language do you speak at home? English, most of the time
18.Must we hand in our homework now? No,you needn’t
19.Do you thind the exam will be put off? Not likely
20.In my opinion, you’d better take a cou;le of days off. I’ll take your advice
21.He is looking forward to writing his thesis.
22.You like playing football, don’t you?
23.If he was fiter, he would live longer .
24.I regret saying that I’m unable to help you.
25.I have given up eating meat.
26.She comes from the People’s Republic of China.
27.The boy has been taken to dchool already.
28.Most of these children know the answer.

Read the following text and select a word to complete each gap from the choices given below.A blankshould be selected if no word is needed . Peter Blake is a successful businessman,but he (1) used to be very poor , He had nowhere to live and (2) was wording in a pub when he (3) decided to start his own business. Peter had always (4) been interested in plants and flowers ,(5) so he decided to set up a company (6) which cared for the plants in big offices. At first he worked on his (7) own but soon he took (8) on two people to help him .The company has been growing (9) 不填 for the last ten years.Peter is now very rich ,(10) but he complains that now he doesn’t work with plants but with a computer every day.
A survey carried out last year (1) .C by the British Medical Association, an organization of doctors. It showed that most people do not do enough exercise. In 1995, 60%of people walked more than one mile a day . Now that number has fallen (2) A sharply to only 20% (3) .C Although more need (4) to exercise for 20 minutes three times a weed .(5) Walking is an easy form of exercise that everyone can do . If you (6) walk one mile each day you will improve your health very puickly. Doctors say we need to tacdle thes problem head (7) on and try (8) to make people fitter because not doing enough exercise responsible (9) for many of the country’s health problems.Doctors suggest yor go (10) for a walk everyday after dinner.
More and more people 91)to install burglar alarms in their houses if they want to get insurance.Insurance companies (2) people in certain areas to install the alarms before they will give them insurance for the past year.This is (3) to increasing crime in some parts of the country .This can be a problem for people (4) are struggling to make (5) ends meet .Thealarms ,(6) can be very expensive,need to be installed by an electrician. It is (7) that 20% of homes have alarms installed and that another 20% of people plan (8) but have not installed them (9) The insurance companies told people (10) the alarms on all dorr and windows.
1.B have 2.A have been asking 3.due 4.who 5. 6. which 7. estimated 8.to have them installed 9.yet 10.to install

My grandfather was a bery interesting man.He died when I was 11,but I temember he used to tell me stories about his early life.He told me one about how he used to race dogs.They raced greyhound a bery fast type of dog. My grandfather had a dog that was bery fast and usually won the races.The men used to bet on the dogs and try to win money .One day before a race ,a friend of may glandfather’w suggested that they bet on a different dog and made my grandfather’s dog lose the race .My grandfather had no job ,so thes seemed an easy way to make money .On the day of the race ,my grandfather and his friend fed the dog lots of cakes so it wouldn’t want to run. Then they took it for a ling walk so it was tierd. They bet on another dog but when the race was run, my grandfather’s dog won anyway, so they lost all their money and didn’t win anything.
1. The author’s grandfather doesn’t tell stories now. (√)
2.His dog always won when it raced.(×)
3.The author’s grandfather ususlly won lots of money (DK)
4.The author’s grandfather and his freend fed the dog cakes to make it strong(×)
5.The author’s grandfather and his friend bet on a dog which didn’t win (√)
Speedway racing is a type of motorcycle racing that is done on a track with a special motorcycle.It was introduced to Britain in 1928 .The first races wer held at High Beech in Epping Forest .Now races are held in special stadiums ,but then a track was made in the forest behind a pub called the Royal Oad.The track was not concrete or tarmac ,but was made fron cindrs.The first races were organized by Jacd Hill-Bailey .He had visited Australia and seen speedway racing ther .When he returned to B retain,he decided to introduce the sport to Britain and stared organizing the first races with his frends in the Ilford Motorcycle Club.They expected 3000 people to come and watch the races ,but over 3000 people arrived to see the first races.
1.You need a special motorcycle for a speedway race .(R)
2.Speedsay races are hild on the road.(W)
3.Speedway races were held in Australia befor they were hild in Britain. (R)
4.Jack Hill-Bailey organized the first races by himself .(W)
5.The Ilford Motorcycle Club made a lot of money fron the races(DK)
The police are inwestingating the theft of a statue from the City Museum yesterday.The statue,which is made of bronze,is over 200 yuarsold.It was given to the museum in 1969 by the famous painter Helen Payne.The statue is of a hrse and is about 70cm tall and weighs about 20kgs.Who originally made the atatue is not known.Police believe the staue was stolen during the night by burglars who entered the museum through a window at the back of the ……….
1.The statue was given to the museum over a hundred years after it was made.(R)
2.There were no witnesses to the crime.(R)
3.The staue was made by Helen PayNe.(w)
4.The statre is very valuable.(DK)
5.Because the statue was easy to recognize,it would be easy to sell.(W)
1.In the UK, in business,when you meet someone for the first time you shake hands and say ,How do you do?This is mot really a puestion ,and the reply to it is another greeting such as“ How do you do?”or “Hello” or “I’m very pleased to meet you “or” ,if you have met the person sometime before, “It’s good to see you again”.if you have met the person sometime before, “It’s good to see you again”.
You don’t shake hands every time you meet someone,you just greet them. If you are invited to
Someone’s house for dinner ,it is usual to take ; present some chocolates or flowers or ,if you know them quite well ,a bottle of wine. If yhou do not know the host well, don’t be the last person to leave. Telephone the next day to thank the host for the meal. English people don’t like to talk about personal things ,and tend to avoid religion, politics and money.
Good topics for small talk are the weathe ,holidays, weekend activities ,gardens and architecture garkens and architecture, especially houses and homes. When you go to a pub or bar, it’s usual to take turns to buy a drink for everyone in your group and pay for the drinks when you get them from the bar and befor you drink them.
2. Traffic in India means a mixture of all kinds of vehicles on the road. About 700000 new cars have been sold in India in the last twelve months ,and about twice that many used cars have veen traded.
The country’s 35 million motorcycles and scooters make it the world’s sargest two-wheel market. But because there are still big differences in people’s incomes, the roads are full of a whole variety of vehicles , lots of them not motoried.
A ride with a taxi driver in New D elhi gives a flavour of a typical Indian-style traffic with all kinda of vehicle held up in city streets or in ling lines on marrow country lanes. Cars, lorries and buses bacd up behind a cart pulled by one animal or another. “India has ebery-thing on the roads,” the taxi drver says. “You have to watch out for pedestrians,bicycles,carts,cows,donkeys and even elephants. Three things were recommended
To drive here, a horn, brakes and good luck.” Just then we were stopped by a young boy and his cow.
Given the hazarks, it’s mot surpristing that special ceremonies are held for new car owners in which the steering wheel and the driver are both blessed.
3. The ancient Olympic Games were part of a religious festival in honour of the Greek god zeus, the father of all Greek god Zeus,the father of all Greek gods and goddesses.
The festival and games were held in Olympia, a religious Sanctuary.
In the ancient games, athletes received prizes worth large amounts of money. In fact the word “athlete” is an ancient Greek word , meaning “one who competes for a prize.”
The marathon was not an event of the ancient Olympic Games.The marathon is a modern event that was first introduced in the Olympic Ggmes in 1896.It was name after a village called Marathon where the Persians were defeated by a small Greek army. The news of the victory was brought to the capital.26miles was therefore adopted as the distance of the modern marathon race.

1.Molly Wilson had been a dance and a mother for many years when she decided to sail round the world to raise money for charity .As a child she had trained as a ballet dancer ,but at 15 she had grown too tall for classical ballet ,so she became a member of a pop dance team. She got married and after she had children she retired from show business to bring them up . they grew up ,and when they were 18 they left home .she says When I decided to do the round-the-world race ,my husband thought I was bored because the children dad left home .he was also worried because I had mever sailed before I was not bored .but I had met some people who told me about the race .
2.A study has shown that fitness in the key to long life ,irrespective of body shape or even smoking habits .Researchers discovered that people who exercise live longer than those who do not ,even if they are overweight and smoke .The study found that the least fit of the 6000 middle-aged men in the study were five time more likely to die within six years of the start of the research than the fittest .this was true whether or not the men had heart problems amoked or were overweight scientists consluded that it was better to be fat and active than skinny and sedentary .Dr ken cooper a fitness expert said ,You are better off smoking a packet of cigarettes a day exercising regularly that being a non-smoker and sedentary Although he adds but do not misunderstand me .I am not endorsing smoking ,I am trying to tell you how dangerous it is to be sedentary .the british government is putting pressure on manufacturers to reduce high levels of sugar in food and to restrict the hard-sell of junk food to children in order to improve the nation is health but the new study suggests the government shold encourage more people to exercise.
3.Although intermational travel is usually an exciting and lteasant experience travellers should take steps to ensure that their health does mot srffer either from on from their time the air or their time abroad .Before you go check with yout doctor or local travel clinic which injections are mecessary for the areas you are travelling to Allow sufficient time to have these injections before you leave because they may take time to become effective be sure that the information on health is up-to-date Check on the Internet if you are mot sure .Don′t go to bed late the day before you fly .Your body has a natural daily sleep pattern It takes time to adjust to a new time zone there are many different effects of jet lag you may not be able to sleep ,you may mot want to eat or you may feel sick and tired .You may mot be able to concentrate for some days after you arrive .There are several things you can do to lessen the effects of jet lag Do your best to relax during the flight ,sleep as you can on the flight Use a mild sleeping pill if necessary .Drink as much water as you can .Don′t drink alcohol and caffeine .Take mild sleeping pills for the first few days in the mew time zone if you need them

Anna is our only daughter.My wife and I have two sons ,and Anna is the youngest in the family ,but she’s twenty-five now. Anna was not well when she was little .It was a very worrying time and she stayed at home a lot .She was seen first by the local doctors………..
1.Aocording to the passage,when Anna was a child, she got an illness
2.It can be inferred fron the passage the author thinks looking after little children is mainly a woman’s responsibility
3.What does “tske after” mean in the first sentence of Para.2? look like
4.My daughter and I have little in common in terms of character
5.From the passage, we can see the author’s description of his daughter is affectionate
Mrs Sharp, a large, red-faced woman in her late sixties, has lived in Greenleas, a’new town’ in the countryside outside London. She was moved to Greenleas by the local authorities when her old house was demolished.
She came from a large family with six and two boys, and she grew up among brothers,sisters,uncles,aunts,grandparents and cousins.When she married her boyfriedd form school at eighteen, they went on living with her parents,and her first child was brought up more by her mother than by herself, because she always worked………..
1.Why did Mrs Sharp have to move to Greenles? Because her house in the downtown area was knocked down.
2.When she got married, she lived together with her parents all the time
3.What did she know so many people? Because they were either her relatives or schoolmates
4.The sentence “I had one meighbour who was always pokig her nose into our business.” In the last Para. Means I had one neihgbour who always showed her interests in our private affairs
5.What does this passage mainly deal with? What Mrs Sharp’s life is like in the “new town”
When I was a little girl, my brothers and I collected stamps for many years. My mother didn’t use to work durig the weed, but she worked in the post office near our house on Saturdays, and she used to bring home all the nes stamps as soon as they were issued.
On the day of the World Cup football final in LONDON IN 1966.we were very excited because England were having lunch ,my mother tod us to go to the post office straightaway after the match if England won,but she didn’t well us why. …………
1.This psssage mainly tells us the author and her brother had got an unforgettable experience in collecting stsmps
2.According to the passage, her mothe worked in the post office on Saturdays
3.Their mother told them to go to the post office straigtaway after the match if England won, byt she didn’t tell us why .Do you thind why she did that?
4.What does the sentence “We were over the moon.” Mean? We were extremely happy about it.
5.What is the best title for this passage? A Memorable Experience in Collecting Stamps
A survey has shown that people have stopped believing both the media and politicians.A similar survey carried out 5 years ago showed that 50% of people thought that what politicians said was usually not true, and that 35 of people thought that what they saw on the television or read in newspapers was not true.Now both those figures have increased sharply, to 80% of people not believing politicians and 70% not velieving the television or newspapers. Experts think that these figures are not going to come down in the near future…………
1.The number of people believing politicians and journalists has C. decreased
2.Experts think this problem B will not get better soon
3.Stories say businessmen give money to B politicians and journalists
4.Mr Smith thinks politicians make laws A to help their friends
5.People can now check stories using C the Internet
We have two cats at home .One is named Milo and the other Mamma.Milo is a boy cat.Boy cats are called “Toms”.we think that Mamma is Milo’s mother.That is why we gave her the name Mamma.We didn’t buy Milo or Mamma.They were stray cats and didn’t have anywhere to live. They started coming into our garden.They did not look very heaiIthy, so we started giving them milk.Them they started coming into the house,so we adopted them.Because he didn’t have a home when he was a kitten ,Milo is not very fit. We have to take him to the vet once every three months for a special injection
1.Sarah got the cats B after she moved into the house
2.Sarh thinks A Milo is a boy
3.Mamma was mamed “Mamma” because C they think she is Milo’s mother
4.Milo and Mamma were A free
5.Milo is not very fit because B he was a stray

East London has traditionally been an atea which has attracted immigrants.The chance to find jobs in London has led to immigrants from many different parts of the world living there. A lso,because it was the home of London’s docks it was esy for people to get there by ship .One fanmous building in Brick Lane has been a church ,a synagogue and is now a mosque. Nowadays this part of London ,which is known as the East End ,is home to people from many different parts of the world………………………..
1.East London has C always been a home for immigrants
2.Immigrants are attracted by B jobs
3.London’s docks were B in East London
4.East London C used to be a cheap place to live
5.People are attracted to East London because A it has good transport links

John Preston lives in a jlat in north London . He moved ther after his wife died four years ago to be closer to his daughter’s family, and because his big detachef house and garden were too much work for him as he got older.It’s easier in the flat because the litting ahent does eberything that needs doing .The agent has had the roof repaired and got the gutter replaced, but at the moment John is mot satisfied because the window…………
1.John livesin the centre of London.(F)
2.The agent hasn’t done anything to John’s flat.(F)
3.3June and Pete live near to John(T)
4.There are broken windowpanes in he conservatory(T)
5.The front of the house is in a good state(F)

The police in England are not normally armed, and if they thind or know that someone hadd a firearm and may be going to commit an offence, then they have a team of specially trained officers, who carry firearms.
The police use the dogs when a person has run away and may be hidden in a buiding or in the countryside. The dog can attack the criminal and bite hin so that the police can avoid using guns and avoid shooting the criminal…………….
1.The ploice in England are not armed.(F)
2.The police officers have to pay for the dogs.(T)
3.The dogs are kept in the garden because they are aggressive.(F)
4.The writer’s dog becomes excited when it’s time to go to word.(T)
5.The writer’s dog barks when it sees a criminal is coming .(F)
There have been changes in all sorts of different areas of BRITISH SOCIETY. In recent years in the UK we have had a very large increase in the number of couples who get divorced.
After 1969and the Divorece Law Reform Act we had a bery rapid increase in the number of divorces.The rate increased steadily and in recent years has increased much more rapidly. But there are also puite a lot of people who do actuslly get married. At present the marriage rate in the UK is about 70 per cent, which has gone down since the number of people who marry has gone down puite a lot in the last 20years, but more significantly in the last 10 years. Quite high proportions of people now live together without marrying, and, for example,40 per cent of children born in the …………..
1.The highest divorce rate was around 1969.(F)
2.The marriage rate has gone down in recent years.(F)
3.Forty per cent of babies born today have parents who are not married.(T)
4.Nineteen per cent of lone parent families are headed by women(F)
5.The birth rate is incteasing at the moment.(F)
Passage 1
Dear all,
This message is just to confirm the details for the next few days. Dave’s picking up the van tomorrow and we’re loading it at his place at 10.00 on Friday morning. I’ve booked us all into The Tolly for one night. It’s a hotel near the university – in Welbeck Street. Steve and I are getting the 4.30 p.m. train. We’re stopping to check in at the hotel to pick up the keys and get changed at 6.00. We have to check out of the hotel by 9.00 on Saturday morning because they have a big group coming to the hotel. So we have to get up early, I’m afraid!
Dave and Paul, if you can’t get to the hotel by about 7.00, let’s meet in the cafe at the university at 7.30. We’ll set up the equipment at 8.00 for the gig and have a rehearsal.
See you all,

1. They’ll load the van _______.
A. after Dave has picked it up
B. tomorrow morning
C. when Dave comes
2. They’ll stay in a hotel for ______.
A.two nights
B.one night
C.a few hours
3. Mary will get to the hotel ________.
A. at 4.30 pm
B. at 5 pm
C. before 6 pm
4.4.They’ll stay at the hotel on ________ night.
A. Saturday
B. Friday
C. Sunday
5. Dave and Paul can meet Mary at the hotel if they ______.
A. arrive before 7.30
B. arrive before 7
C. get up early in the morning

Passage 2
My grandfather was a completely different person before he had a stroke. He worked as a chief accountant, and he worked really long hours. People used to say that he was a workaholic. When he came home, he was always tired and this used to make him irritable. He didn’t use to be sociable at all. He used to spend a lot of time alone working in the garden. I used to be frightened of him as a child. He used to shout at us all the time. Then, suddenly he became ill, and then the doctors told him he had to give up work. He changed almost overnight. His attitude to lots of things changed. He relaxed and spent time with his grandchildren. When he died, I think he was a really happy, relaxed man.

6. My grandfather used to __________.
A. drink a lot B. work very hard C. be the manager
7. He was __________ when he came home.
A. very pleasant B. excited C. easy to get angry
8. When I was a child, I __________.
A. liked him very much B. I hated him C. was afraid of him
9. Doctors asked him to __________after he had a stroke.
A. stop working B. change his attitude C. work less
10. When he died, he __________.
A. was feeling worried B. was irritable C. was a happy man

Passage 3

Hi, Sharon,
I’ve only got 10 days left in England. Can you believe I’ve already been here for a year? There’s so much to do before I leave! I really must buy presents for my English friends to thank them for all their help. I have to move out of my room on Friday because Franco has got another tenant. At least I don’t have to find somewhere else to live. I’m going to spend a few days with friends. He is letting the whole flat because Mary is moving just before her marriage. The time has gone so quickly. I cannot believe that I’ve been here for a whole year. And I must start packing too – I have bought a lot since I came, and I need another suitcase. I’ll give some things to charity shops I think.
Anyway, I’m really writing to say that I’ll be back in Shanghai on the 27 April, and it would be great to see you to catch up on all our news. I’ll phone as soon as I get back.
How are things with you?
Love Xiaoyan

11.When will Xiaoyan leave England?
A.A month later.
B.10 days later.
C.A year later.
12.Where will Xiaoyan live after moving out?
A.She will stay in her friends’ place.
B.She will be on the plane to Shanghai.
C.She will have to find a hotel to live in.
13.What will happen to Franco’s flat when Xiaoyan and Mary move out?
A.It will be sold at a good price.
B.It will be rented to other people.
C.It will be kept for Xiaoyan when she comes back.
14.Why does Xiaoyan need another suitcase?
A.She has got more things than she came with.
B.Her old suitcase is broken.
C.She has to give things to charity shops.
15.What would Xiaoyan most possibly do when she sees her friend Sharon?
A.To ask Sharon to show her around Shanghai.
B.To talk about what happened to them recently.
C.To show Sharon her new clothes.

Passage 4
What kind of clothes do you like to wear? Do you want to look cool?
In the United States, young people who listen to the same music often have the same “look”. Many young people like hip-hop fashions. Hip-hop is a kind of city music. Hip-hop fashions are large and comfortable street clothes.
American young people like to wear large jeans, T-shirts, hiking boots and baseball caps. They also wear other clothes like sports jackets and sports shoes. And usually boys and girls dress the same.
African American young men first made hip-hop clothes popular in the United States because they wore large street clothes to dance. Then many music bands began to wear these kinds of clothes.
Hip-hop fashions are now popular among most young people in America. And they spend a lot of money on hip-hop fashions.
16. Hip-hop fashions are _____.
A.a kind of city music
B.large street clothes
C.sport jackets and shoes
17. Most American young people like _____.
A. hip-hop music
B. hip-hop fashions
C. both A and B
18. _____ are NOT hip-hop clothes.
A. Jeans and sports jacket
B. Dress and suits
C. Baseball cap and hiking boots
19. _____ made hip-hop clothes popular.
A. African American young people
B. American young people
C. None of A and B
20. Which of the followings is NOT correct?
A. Hip-hop fashions are large and comfortable.
B. Hip-hop fashions are popular in America.
C. Hip-hop fashions are very cheap.

Passage 5
Ivydale Guesthouse **** Bath Tourist Association Approved
Ron and Ann welcome you to Ivydale, where modern comforts and traditional hospitality meet.
• Conveniently located – a short walk from the city centre.
• Well-equipped – all rooms have an en suite bathroom, colour TV with satellite channels, tea/coffee-making facilities, mini bar and phone.
• Excellent food – we offer full English and buffet breakfasts. Vegetarian food available on request.
• Peace and quiet – Ivydale is situated in its own gardens, offering the perfect atmosphere for business travellers and tourists.
• Please note that we operate a strict no-smoking policy.
• Mini-break deals available.
For reservations or a brochure, please call (01225) 1212355
21.The owner of the guesthouse is/are ________.
A. Ivydale B. Ron and Ann C. Bath
22.The guesthouse is ________the city center.
A. near to B. far from C. in
23.Guests can __________.
A. make tea in their room
B. get online with their computer
C. smoke in their room
24.he guesthouse is ________.
A.boring but quiet
B.peaceful and quiet
C.noisy and busy
25.People __________ smoke in the guesthouse.
A. can B.don’t want to C. are not allowed to

三、阅读理解 2
阅读下列短文,从A、B、C 三个选项中选择一个正确答案。
Passage 1
I go to the barber every month. I don’t like very short hair, so my barber doesn’t cut off much. I have known him for almost four years now, and when I go to him, we always talk a lot. He tells me all his news, and I tell him all mine. He meets a lot of interesting people in his shop and he talks to most of them, so he always has a lot of news for me.
Every year my barber goes to France for two weeks for his holidays, and when he comes back to England, he has a lot of interesting news. While he is cutting my hair, he tells me about beautiful old cities and quiet little villages, strange food and drinks and many other things. I sit there and listen to the old man with open ears.
Although my barber is old, he always tries new things. He never said, “I have never eaten this food before, so I am not going to eat it now.”
1.The writer has his hair cut every month.
A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Doesn’t say.
2. They got to know each other only a few months ago.
A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Doesn’t say.
3. Every year the barber goes to some cities or villages in France.
A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Doesn’t say.
4. The barber is not very old but he has tried many strange food and drinks.
A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Doesn’t say.
5. The barber lived in France when he was young.
A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Doesn’t say.

Passage 2
Mr. Young has a big shop in New York. He often goes abroad on business. He is interested in the old things and has spent a lot of money on them. He looks after them carefully and sometimes shows them to his friends. When his friends say they like these things he will feel very happy.
Last autumn Mr. Young found an old vase in a shop in Japan. It was made in China about four hundred years ago. He bought it for two million dollars. When he took it home, he put it in a strong box and never told anybody about it.
A month ago he moved to a bigger house. He told the workers to be very careful with the old things. An old worker was ill that day, but he was sure he could go on working and didn’t tell anybody about it. He chose the smallest box and tried to carry it. But it was heavy and he fell to the floor. Mr. Young hurried to open the box and found the old vase was broken!
“Don’t worry, Mr. Young,” said the old worker. “I’ll buy you a new and modern one!”

6. Mr. Young has a big shop selling the old things.
A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Doesn’t say.
7. Last month he bought an old vase.
A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Doesn’t say.
8. The vase was made in Japan.
A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Doesn’t say.
9. The worker was ill, so he couldn’t carry the heavy box.
A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Doesn’t say.
10. The worker thought a new vase would be better than the old one.
A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Doesn’t say.

Passage 3
Sarah Peters was born on January 4th, 1973 in Brighton. She and her family lived in Brighton until she was ten. Then they moved to Oxford and stayed there until she left school --- that’s Fendale Secondary School --- at eighteen. Then she went to London Business College and got a diploma (文凭) in Marketing(市场营销). After that Sarah Peters got a job with a hotel group --- the TFC Hotel Group --- in Liverpool, as a marketing assistant. That happened in 1992 and she left the hotel group in October 1993. She left because she didn’t like to stay in Liverpool. She wanted to work in London. Her life changed a lot after she went to London. She joined a large business company and soon made a name for herself (出名)because of her special ability and excellent work in marketing.
Sarah Peters is now married with two lovely daughters(女儿). Besides (除了)being an excellent marketing expert and a good mother, she is also a good writer. She has written two books about her marketing experiences.

11. Sarah Peters received her secondary education (中学教育) in Brighton.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
12. She studied Marketing in London Business College.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
13. She got her first job in 1993.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
14. She got on well with people working in the business company in London.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
15. She wrote books about how to be a good mother and a marketing expert.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.

Passage 4
Mrs Black was having a lot of trouble with her skin (皮肤),so she went to her doctor about it. He could not find anything wrong with her, so he sent her to the hospital for tests. The hospital, of course, sent the result of the tests to Mrs Black’s doctor, and the next morning he telephoned her to give her a list of the things that he thought she should not eat, because any of them might be the cause of her skin trouble.
Mrs Black carefully wrote all the things down on a piece of paper, which she then left beside the telephone while she went out to a party.
When she came back home several hours later, she found her husband waiting for her. He had a basket full of packages (包)beside him, and when he saw her, he said, “Hello, dear. I have done all your shopping for you.”
“Done all my shopping?” she asked in surprise, “But how did you know what I want?” “Well, when I got home, I found your shopping list beside the telephone and bought everything you have written down.”
16. Mrs Black’s doctor didn’t know what was wrong with her skin.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
17. The hospital sent Mrs Black the test results.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
18. Mrs Black took the piece of paper with her to the party.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
19. Mr Black usually does the shopping for the family.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
20. Mr Black thought his wife needed the things written on the paper.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
Passage 5
The day was like any other day in his life. Tom walked past the shop on the street corner. He stopped to look at the front row of shoes, and he felt happy to see that the pair of shoes he wanted very much were still there. Looking down, he felt sorry for himself. He really wanted to have them for his birthday.
He sadly walked away and thought how to tell his mother about it. He knew she would give him anything he liked if she could. But he also knew very well she had little money. He decided not to go home at once, as he looked worried and his mother would notice it. So he went to the park and sat on the grass. Then he saw a boy in a wheel chair. He noticed that the boy moved the wheel with his hands. Tom looked at him carefully and was surprised to see the boy had no feet. He looked at his own feet. “It’s much better to be without shoes than without feet,” he thought. There was no reason for him to feel so sorry and sad. He went away and smiled, thinking he was happier.
21.Tom passed the shop by bus.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
22. Tom stopped in front of the shop to look at the shoes he liked.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
23. The pair of shoes were too expensive for Tom and his mother.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
24. The boy sitting in the wheel chair had no legs.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.
25. Tom went home to tell his mother about what had happened.
A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say.

作 文
My Family
There are five persons in my family: My parents, my wife, my daughter and I. My father used to be a senior engineer. His responsibility was designing new machines. My mother would work in a factory. They are retired now. My father is very serious about everything in life and pays attention to the details. My mother is patient and hardworking. I take after my parents. They have influence upon me to make me a good teacher. My wife is a nurse and she is very busy everyday. My daughter is a pupil. She is pretty and lovely and looks like her mother.

My Family Life
Like most ordinary Chinese families, my family life is busy and meaningful. My family members often get up at about six o’clock in the mornings. My wife deals with my little kid’s chores while I’m cooking the breakfast. I drive my daughter to her school then to my work. My wife takes subway to her hospital. Around 4:30 p.m., I pick up my daughter and do some grocery shopping. My wife is good at cooking. So when we arrive home, a delicious meal is waiting for us. During the eating, we chat the interesting things in the daytime and discuss the current affairs. We go to bed at 10 p.m.
Talking About Myself
My name is Holly. I’m thirty-seven years old. I’m from Beijing. I’m a math teacher in a primary school. My school is far away from my home, so I usually drive to work. There are three people in my family. They are my wife, my daughter and I. My wife is a doctor in a big hospital and my daughter is a ten-year-old pupil. In my spare time, I like reading book, watching TV, playing table tennis and so on. I used to go fishing in the weekends, but I don’t now because I have to attend class in the TV University.
My Home
I am living in the 10th floor of a tower building with my wife and daughter. It is a newly-built block of flats with 22 stories altogether in the north of city. We have three bedrooms, one big living-room in addition to one kitchen and two bathrooms. The size is about 127 square meters. When we moved in three years ago, I painted the doors myself, but I had the window frames painted. We are satisfied with the decorations except the cupboards in the kitchen, so I need to build them again. The neighbourhood is nice too. I think my home is cozy and I like my home.
Changes in My Life
There have been many changes in my life. With the development of the economy, my life is better off. For the clothing, I have spare money to buy sorts of pretty clothes. But in the past, there were fewer clothes in my wardrobe. For the food, I usually had traditional Chinese food for every meal, rice, noodles or streamed ban with one or two light dishes even preserved pickles. Nowadays, I can afford any delicious food, including western foods. For the housing, I have moved from a cramped and gloomy room to a big and bright flat. For the getting around, I rode an old bike on my way to work a year ago. At present, I drive my private car to travel. I believe my life will be better and better in the future.
My Ideal Job
Everybody has his dream for his career in the future. He or she might want to be a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, and so on. My ideal job is to be a lawyer. Lawyers, especially those familiar with global laws and fluent in foreign languages, will be in great demand. I have a good eye for detail, a sharp mind, an excellent memory and like taking responsibility as well. So I think I would make a good lawyer. I am planning to open a lawyer firm by myself some day. But now I must study hard to get myself qualified for my future job.
My Hobbies
Hobbies are activities from which one can benefit a lot. In my spare time, I like painting, singing,raising flowers and cycling. My hobbies help me relax after periods of hard work. Moreover, I can make many friends who share the same hobbies with me. My hobbies make me maintain a mental and physical balance. As you can see, hobbies can be relaxing, challenging, interesting, enjoyable or educational. So everyone should have one or two hobbies, then the life is meaningful and amused.
The Advantages of Hosting the Olympic Games
There are many advantages of hosting the Olympic Games.
First, it has a major effect on the economy. It can create many opportunities to develop the economy.
Second, thousands of tourists come to the games and the host city will quicken its construction of infrastructure. In the end, it brings international prestige to the country.
Third, it can arouse common people’s interest in English, so English-learning is prevailing. As a result, it is good for our fellow-citizens to improve their English.
The host cities are permanently improved; So hosting the Olympic Games is rewarding.

How to Keep Healthy
Nowadays, more and more people know the importance of keeping healthy. Without good health, we can do nothing. For me, there are mainly three ways to keep healthy.
First, it is necessary to keep a balanced diet, which is the basis of good health. we had better have more fruit and vegetables everyday. Secondly, it is important to do regular exercises, such as swimming, jogging and so on. Last but not least, it is essential to keep high mood. Relaxation and entertainment are ways to renew our spirits and release our stress.
When we make healthy habits a part of our everyday life, we are bound to keep healthy.
My TV University Life
Our TV University is mainly engaged in long distance education. The form of study is very convenient for the adult learners like me. I can learn my courses at anywhere in my spare time by computer. There are many web-based courses and sources on line. Moreover, I not only use email to send our homework to our tutors but also join online discussion forums. Meantime, the difficulties and puzzles can be solved in the tutorial once a week. The e-learning life is meaningful and demanding. I enjoy my TV university life.
High School Life and College Life
High school life is quite different from college life. In high school, the students have to wear school uniform. Teachers always ask students to do many tasks in the classroom and supervise students’ behavior in detail. In college, students have to be responsible for themselves. They have more freedom in college than in high school. For example, they put on the casual clothes instead of uniform. Tutors give them lectures and assignments, and they must spend more time studying by themselves in the library. That means students must manage themselves very well. Although I often recall my high school life, I like college life more.
Health and Eating Habit
Eating habit is closely related to health. In order to keep fit, we should pay more attention to our eating habits. My suggestions on good eating habit are as follows:
First, don’t eat too much or too little for each meal. Eating too much will cause overweight and eating too little malnutrition.(营养不良)
Second, don’t eat between meals. Sometimes we like eating biscuits and chips before the mealtime; as a result, we lose our appetite(胃口) for lunch or dinner.
Third, eat more vegetables and fruits everyday.
In my opinion, a good eating habit leads to a healthy life.


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